Is A "For Sale" Board Really Necessary? - Peter Heron
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Is A "For Sale" Board Really Necessary?

13 Apr 2018

Is A "For Sale" Board Really Necessary?

Clients often ask us if a board will significantly improve their chances of selling, especially as the majority of (but not all) buyers source property online. Some sellers feel that a board risks “overexposure”, or they don’t want their neighbours to know they are selling.

However, experience tells us that properties with boards are far more saleable than without, for the following reasons: 

· Portal, website and newspaper adverts cannot adequately relay the “feel of an area”, so buyers cruise around, inevitably taking note of properties advertised with a board. 

· Viewing-weary buyers are not patient people! When viewing a selection of properties, a board ensures that yours is easily found. 

· A buyer is unlikely to make an offer on no.56 when a board at no.24 suggests a comparable property is available and should be seen before a decision is made.

· A board demonstrates that you are a genuine seller, and not just “testing the market”.

· Buyers responding to a board in an unpopular area or noisy road are likely to be especially keen, as they have already accepted a major disadvantage of the property.

· Neighbours will know you are selling when they see people viewing your house even without a board, and could even be offended that you were not more open with them. Neighbours are also a fantastic source of referred buyers. 


In a competitive property market, a board is surely one of the finest marketing tools at your estate agent’s disposal. If you wish to discuss some of the other less obvious ones, please feel free to call us on 0191 5103323.